Undemocratic coercive vaccinations and the questionable, worrying urgency of ZANU PF

The same president known for promoting and prioritizing his cartel, fuel cartel by hiking fuel prices, January 2020, given his ties to Zuva fuel retailer, is the same president who threatened barring of any citizens from public places and access to public services, neverminding that he has killed service delivery. The same president who has has a 10% stake in a company that is fighting tooth and claw to have the Chilonga people displaced from their ancestral lands. Him and his party have no public services worth holding the public hostage for. But that is not the case being made by this article. The case is that Zanu Pf is actively disinterested in the welfare of the citizens. Where it does not see an avenue for profit, it turns a blind eye, while neglecting its responsibilities to others, such as international organizations like World Food Program.

 The forced vaccinations raises concerns in particular aspects of their lack of democratic appreciation. That is, the government can not force mass vaccinations, let alone deprive citizens of access to public services such as basic health or education. These are fundamental constitutional liberties that Zanu Pf threatened to violate. Suddenly, a government presided over by a man who oversaw the gukurahundi ethnic cleansing, had citizens shot while exercising their right to assembly, post the 2018 elections, or the subsequent petrol protests, suddenly cares? The heavy handedness in the mentioned human rights violations alone suggest otherwise. The battle tactics conducted by the military on the citizens, and worse, show that where his power, looting access, he Mnangagwa, acts, and he acts to crush any perceived threats to his power and looted wealth.

The question now is, how does coerced vaccinations benefit Mnangagwa? Certainly, vaccinations that would ensure at least herd immunity would mean that the electoral commission suspension of by elections, which the opposition is likely to win, will materialize, in addition to the 2023, which the frustrated but increasingly politically aware population is likely to vote for the liberating opposition. So why would Zanu Pf deliberately activate processes that are likely to see it booted out of power? The answer is profit. The urgency alone, complimented by the grave threats, specifically, deliberately calculated violations of fundamental constitutional liberties such as the access to basic education and health, are testimony enough to the effect.

This is illustrative of the active disinterest of Zanu Pf in the welfare of the people. Otherwise Zanu Pf wouldn’t be forcing people to take a vaccine that has even claimed one casual already. A man in Gutu who had been apparently injected with Sinopharm vaccine from China. The very fact that Zanu Pf has not ordered a stop of use of the vaccine itself buttresses this claim that Zanu Pf I s interested in nothing other than profit. Zanu Pf stands to gain from procurement of rushed Chinese vaccines, irregardless of the death spell. In times where countries like Denmark, Iceland and Netherlands have halted use of certain vaccinations over complications such as mere clotting, how more would death from unsuitable and unsafe vaccines from China and other countries for instance would have seen reactions of countries that place the welfare of their citizens first? Countries whose leaders are not motivated by profit. 

In addition to getting kickbacks in the form of money, for endorsement of unsuitable and unsafe vaccines, Zanu Pf gets to be insulated against United Nations sanctions, through the Chinese veto in the security council. As such, Zanu Pf gets a blank check to continue wanton and widespread violations of both human and property, more looting as well.  

In conclusion, Zanu Pf, is seeking to increase, on an economical scale, the already human rights it violates ,has been violating since its inception. By default, fundamental human rights such as access to health care and education have been trampled upon through a negligence of the workforces responsible for the provision and realization of the said rights, compounded by a brain drain of the same referenced workforces. Only Zanu Pf would gain by endorsing the unsafe and unsuitable vaccines. In addition to protection in the United Nations Security Council. Zimbabweans would be guinea pigs. 

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