What is prominent about the so called second republic? What is prominent is how a cabinet whose constituents of old hags has been doing anything but its responsibilities. It is not surprising then when the same cabinet, instead of focusing on coming up with remedies that address the underlying causes prompting the need and urgency compelling the cabinet to be reviewing prices upwards only. This is indicative of the fact that Zanu pf is a competent failure in the world of incompetents especially with regards to economy revival and stabilization. It sufficiently illustrates that Zanu pf is clinging illegitimately for its own self-serving nefarious purposes mainly underpinned by implications of loss of power, which is inevitable anyway.

The implications are a shrouding of uncertainty manifesting as inevitably potential loss of plundered people’s wealth and the subsequent restoration of the mentioned wealth to the people, compounded by the facing of justice before independent judiciary, free of political influence. Zanu pf is thus interested in political longevity and preservation as means of insulating itself from the power deprivation that is consequential of tranquil transition of the opposition.

A nuanced analysis of the primacy placed on pervasive and corrosive power evolution by Zanu pf explains why it rather perpetuates the causal factors responsible for the need to review prices of goods and services. This is symptomatic of the reckless abandon and unashamedly negligence of the people’s welfare, which is crucial for prompt, adequate and quality service delivery such as the right to state assisted education, basic primary health care or state assisted legal representation. It is thus this negligence that makes Zanu pf obsessive with political survival, longevity and preservation, for continued access of public wealth to plunder, while excluding and condemning the people to eternal misery in the process.

What does upwards price review of say passports or of so called subsidised transport solve? What causes the need and urgency for the same useless and illegitimate cabinet to covertly review upwards the remuneration of the security sector? While one may go on and on asking questions of this nature, a few things are abundantly certain, chief among them, is the lack of prioritization of people’s welfare. This is demonstrated by the illegal contribution towards aggressive erosion of the consumer purchasing power and income. The purchasing power and income of the consumer, which is the average Joe and Jane out there is eroded by being stagnant, against a raging inflation that means business. It is what causes this inflation, loss of purchasing power and income of the consumer that Zanu pf cannot address. In thus shows a biased and detrimental preference for short term problems perceived as short term solutions for longer term problems that Zanu pf created.

Zanu pf knows what needs to be done. What needs to be done is to institute reforms, not limited to equitable distribution of food aid and agriculture inputs, a freer media and electoral reformation, both of which crucially would augment significantly, a tranquil transition of power by the genuine and resilient opposition party which had been subjected to all sorts of attacks, together with minority populations who are defenceless. This involved a heinous attack of the mentioned victims’ human and property rights. Zanu pf, in addition to knowing the obvious, of what needs to be done, also knows the backlash of the reforms themselves on the very existence of the criminal, abusive, toxic and exploitative Zanu pf.  The backlash? One might ask. Yes, the backlash emerging from the   impossible to ignore demand for accountability for the crimes against humanity.

This is the same deficiency of accountability that is responsible for the pressing need for national healing and reconciliation. Not only will Zanu pf violate provisional section 325 of the constitution mandating it, since it has conflated the criminal and destructive party and the state, to adequately fund the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission, but it will also not institute reforms that would for instance, crucially restore constitutionality, rule of law, separation of powers, devolved centralized power menace, and a liberalized economy. The consequences would be opened up of credit lines and more inflow of conditional deterrence loans against human and property rights violations. As such, there would be no imagined budgetary constraints for not funding the said crucial commission. Either way, reforms would ensure that the commission works or that the transition into power of the opposition tranquilly translates to the aforementioned restoration of rule of law which consequentially would be for holding Zanu pf, that thinks it is untouchable, accountable, and this is internally alone. Elsewhere, internationally, Zanu pf is expected to be accountable as well. This is the only way the nation will heal, reconcile and rebuild, the consequences of which, will be national unity and cohesion.

So by knowing what needs to be done, and deliberately, choosing not to do what needs to be done, Zanu pf has adopted what this article identify as an emergent pattern of Zanu pf to lean towards a preference for evasive measures? If I hear you correctly, you asked, what is being evaded? Well, it is evasion of accountability and justice. Evasion enabled by negligence of a party’s foremost duty. A duty hinged on undisputed primacy of people’s welfare and general wellbeing. You can take comfort that neither the opposition executive nor local government representative does the same. The golden era ushered in by the opposition during the government of national unity conceived through the global political agreement or the recent and rare praising of opposition run Marondera local governance, more that suffice as admissible and objective evidence of ability, and innovation of the opposition, which unsurprisingly is dictated by the primacy of people’s welfare, does not matter whether one is a teacher or a soldier, all are treated equally, with no special preference of either.

In conclusion, national healing, rebuilding and reconciliation; people’s welfare, prompt and quality service delivery, a shielding of people’s purchase power and income from a determined raging inflation to particularly name a few casualties of Zanu pf evasive measures triggered from insulation against inevitable demand of justice and accountability from the restored rule of law and impartial courts. These evasive measures, are thus a preference for Zanu pf, instead of creating long term solutions, born of reforms in which the opposition attains power and plays a central role, the cabinet of the old clueless hags sits around, create short term problems for remedying long term problems it created. Thus it has become a cabinet of upwards price reviewing.


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