Zanu pf inherited gene of women abuse, its time tested mechanism for unconstitutional power retention.

Inherited? You may be wondering if Zanu pf had a parent from whom it inherited its malignant gene with a proclivity or inclination towards the abuse of women. You see, Zanu pf had a dysfunctional relationship with the successive colonial settler governments. These are settler colonial governments from which Zanu pf was nurtured, but was predisposed to eugenics of unconstitutional power retention at the expense of the general but frustrated, alienated and marginalized population, which Zanu pf has been, for decades attempting to keep ignorant by force feeding them with propaganda, especially tailored to induce feelings and attitudes of hostility towards progressive voices seeking a tranquil transition of Zimbabwe from an archaic and authoritarian political system to an inclusive and constitutionaly majoritarian political system that is broad based, and sustained by rule of law, equality before the law, transparency and accountability.

Now it so happens that Zimbabwean women are not as docile as Zimbabwean fluffy sheep, they do not fare well, nor do they tolerate authoritarianism. They, like Zanu pf have a genetic imheritance that is somehow hostile to Zanu pf genetic inheritance which pulls it towards its preferred political system of a feudal tyranny and authoritarianism. It is a class of wills between the two. Mbuya Nehenda is one, among the many numerous heroines which overshadow Zimbabwean heroes, who failed to adapt and tolerate tyranny of the segregationist colonial demonstrates the foundation of the claim that Zimbabwean women are hostile towards tyrannical and authoritarian governments.

It did not end with Mbuya Nehanda whose shoes the unpatriotic, promiscous, gold digging women in Zanu pf cannot fill, either in this or the afterlife. The torch has been passed on it seems, and now Zanu pf does not only have a one Nehanda but three, all of whom are determined, even at the great ultimate and perilous cost to their mortality. Mamombe, Chimbiri and Chirova are the contemporary Nehanda’s. Tragically, like the authentic Nehanda, they are being persecuted by tyranny and authoritarianism.

What is at stake? People’s power. People’s power that Zanu pf intends to retain perpetually, for malevolent reasons and designs, both of which are undeniably divorced from the neglected welfare of the miserable and suffering Zimbabweans. Zanu pf, like the settler governments that terrorized the glorious heroines of Zimbabwe, is the status quo. Chimbiri, Mamombe and Chirova, just like Nehanda challenged this status quo, attempting to revise it. This revision will see a transition, tranquil, of the Zimbabwean society from an oppressed and Zanu pf beseiged into a democratic society where constitutionalism prevelance deters centralization of power which has seen the current service delivery deprivation for the people.

The three women, who, because of their heroism rival the virality of the three musketeers are an existential threat to Zanu pf. Zanu pf, in paranoi induced survival mode has reacted in unbriddled or uninhibited violence against women fighting peacefully for the freedom of their children, freedom that is threatened by Zanu pf insatiable appetite for centralized power which it intends to exploit as a means to an end for unaccountable, irresponsible and transparent deficient governance, enabling Zanu pf to loot and plunder with no vein of restraint. Do you wonder then that Zanu pf machinations for centralization of power are accompanied by systematic devaluations of the supreme law of the land, an excuse, plausibly deniable to breed impunity and rule of law whose utility is to assist evasion of Zanu pf from the long arm of the law aided by rule of law prevalence?

Because of the Zanu pf assisted rule of law, justice which is supposed to be resident in Zimbabwe is in exile. A corrupt and compromised judiciary has become a Zanu pf preferred weapon against change. Lawfare, a conception of rule by law bred impunity has been employed by Zanu pf to delay the inevitable, and attempt to abort an idea whose time has come. Chimbiri, Mamombe and Chirova have been denied justice, and abused with the blessings and sanctions of the paralysed state conflated with the criminal and sadistic Zanu pf. This has been a futile bid supposed to serve as deterrence against any preference for alternative democratic governance which is a stark contrast from Zanu pf preferred but feudal, destructive and poverty churning political system with no checks and balances. Like Gukurahundi, electoral violence such as evidenced by Operation Makavhoterepi, Zanu pf has failed to abort the inevitable gravity of democratic transition.

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