There is a thing called trying too hard, and Zanu pf is past that stage of trying too hard, after all, so much is at stake, most critically, the status quo which is on the line. It came as no surprise that Zanu pf would embarrass Zimbabweans at the Glasgow climate change conference, what was surprising however was the degree of the embarrassment that Zimbabweans were to endure as Zanu pf bought some students of theatre to wear, and pose Zanu pf regalia endorsing failED, and as failED tried to impose himself on the schedule of the host, Prime Minister Johnson. This then became fodder for Zanu pf’s propaganda machine, which is misfiring, and is requiring urgent calibration with the reality prevailing on the ground.

Zanu pf sees its invitation, which is a mere ritual by the way, since everyone is invited, including other pariah’s like Syria. What then this means is that this conference does mean that Mnangagwa and Zanu pf are off the hook for their heinous, sadistic human and property rights, enshrined in the Zanu pf assaulted, devalued and mutilated national supreme law of the land. It is not a sign of reengagement which Zanu pf is desperate for, not that the reengagement would change a thing about the fortunes of the country, currently dominated by a crisis of ultra-high unemployment, deindustrialization, a brain drain, and state paralysis.

In other words, this Glasgow climate change conference is not to be appreciated as reengagement, not that reengagement would change anything, as Zanu pf wants you to believe, nor is it to be a substitute for the urgency and need for crucial reforms needed to ensure that Zimbabwe transitions into a democratic state, which thus becomes a deterrence against future single party hegemony or one party state status, responsible for the state being forced into submission for the said party, Zanu pf, resulting in state paralysis, and other primary implications, primarily but not limited to rule by law, selective application of the law, impunity, and looting, pillaging and plundering of both natural, non-renewable, and fiscal resources, while the welfare of the people which Zanu pf has evolved to be insensitive about is neglected, resulting in among other things, deprivation of public goods and services.

What Zanu pf propaganda has been trying in vain to achieve, while failing dismally is to project a picture of Zanu pf that has that has achieved that hallmark of success, the mythical reengagement that is an insult and a spit in the face to the massive failure that has been the Look East policy, which Zanu pf intends to sell to the public that is not only alienated and marginalized by reckless, unaccountable looting and plundering, especially, as a counter to the rising, unforced, none outsourced popularity of Chamisa. Zanu pf thinks, erroneously that the people are zombies who cannot think on their own, dependent on having their political narratives shaped by Zanu pf propaganda to such an extent that they cannot ask the following questions.  

Pictures of failED getting same treatment as other hosted presidents, that is a photo-op, with the United Nations chief, and the United Kingdom Prime Minister raises questions that if indeed that is reengagement, how will it be of significance to Zanu pf vice or obsession with corruption, especially corruption involving the so called first family, which not only awards tenders to itself, appoint cronies or proxies such as Obadiah Moyo who inflated an illegally  awarded tender to Mnangagwa, inflated extremely, thankfully the money, two million, is stuck in Europe, having flagged as suspicious money laundering, and the fact that it is still stuck there means that it indeed was a money laundering operation, in addition to smuggling of high valuable minerals by Mnangagwa proxies, relatives like Rushwaya, who was apparently promoted after one of her gold smuggling operation to Middle East was disrupted by military intelligence, an indication of factionalism in Zanu pf, where Mnangagwa, in this case through Rushwaya was using the Central Intelligence, and the impatient Chiwenga is using military intelligence.

It does not end there as other questions are birthed, such as if the photoshoot of Mnangagwa with Guteres, and Johnson will actually result in media reforms, where the opposition is also afforded airtime just as Zanu pf, where journalists, and the rest of the fourth estate are afforded space to be objective, protection from the constitution as well. This extends to activists who are threatened with arbitrary, unconstitutional detentions like Makomborero, Chimbiri, Mamombe, Netsai, or M Wemba, all victims of Zanu pf violence in one form or another. Will Zanu pf reform because of a picture which everyone knows to be nothing but cheap propaganda?


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