Use of political violence by ZANU PF is a familiar old tactic to suppress the opposition

Use of political violence by ZANU PF is a familiar old tactic to suppress the opposition, although the means are pathetic, statistics are in their favour. Politicians who use violence and other illegal practises including abduction are three more times likely to remain in office than their clean counterparts as according to a study by Collier&Hoeffler in 2009.

The abduction of CCC political party members in Zimbabwe reveals the partiality of the Police, Soldiers and Secret Services Agency {CIO}, whilst denial by Police for CCC to stage a rally is an electoral tactic to reduce opposition voter turnout without significantly affecting the turnout of ZANU PF votes. As Zimbabwe heads towards another election, the sanity and health of our democratic space is already questionable. The political society should be permitting participation rather displaying hostility inform of threats to affect vote choice and willingness to participate in political gatherings.

Chamisa the main opposition wing leader, when delivering a speech to the public he remains confident and shiny as the rising morning sun, however deep under uncertainties over his promises to give Zimbabweans 2nd independence are always haunting .CCC was denied Space in Marondera , Supporters thoroughly beaten in Gokwe  and the Binga rally cancelled after the Police Commanding Hwange District told the press that President E. Mnangagwa was coming on the 17th and , therefore the police does not have enough manpower  to monitor CCC rally which was slotted on the 15th

The death of Max Dutuma, former CCC candidate for Ward 26, Highfield West after being hijacked and forcibly taken by ZANU PF thugs only to be reported hours later dead is a threatening manoeuvre to the Constitutionality and Political Democracy in Zimbabwe. Youth Political Participation to shake off apathy is a global theme and one among the SDG’s and even adopted into the NDS by President E. Mnangagwa, elimination of fellow promising political mind on the basis of different political opinions is a setback to multi-party democracy and raises a question, for how long will nationalist leaders do anything to centralize their power and enlarge their political cults were youths are bought with drugs to destroy lives impulsively, were poverty is always a Western Injected paralysis , they can’t admit their failure.

The African curse of staying behind as development and change take course , playing Hard &Dirty  Politics of spilling blood to back off competition, a trend which ended during cold-war whilst leading nations play Smart Politics were competition of ideas is a selective principle to ensure effective representation  to drive change. Roads are built not because is elections period but because tax payers needs standard service delivery from their money, political food aid is disbursed to lure voter not to improve and sustain lives, employment is by political symbols not by merit , These are some of the leading socio-development issues which are a sore to every citizens mind , family and any entrepreneur , these are the issues CCC can Only address and for that reason has every Zimbabwean vote before ZANU PF tries to rig the electoral System again.

Because Chamisa has the VISION, ZANU PF are doing and playing dirty to hinder CCC from attaining or even setting up a MISSION.

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