Sometime a month ago, Zanu pf, and the useless Mthuli were very excited like children about to get a jar of cookies, over the prospect of getting new loans from international institutions. It is very ironic that the same hypocritical Zanu pf is not ecstatic about non conditional loans from its new colonizer. However, it is very insulting to Zimbabweans that the corrupt Zanu pf wants to saddle Zimbabweans with more loans when the previous international obligations that Zimbabwe owes   to international financial institutions bore no fruit to justify the loans that are in the region of billions of dollars.

Before the criminal Zanu pf has paid all of its loans, it wants more loans. It is sad that even Scarfmore and his illegitimate, sadistic party fail to comprehend the reality that is before them that is the facts that they, and they alone are responsible for the constitutional crisis that has went on to birth the state paralysis which is growing like a baby on steroids, towards the inevitable state collapse and subsequent failure. The unrelenting call to implement reforms by the democratic and free world to the tyrannical and oppressive Zanu pf should now jolt it to reality. A reality of the referenced inevitable state collapse and failure, a development to which even the partisan military, or politicized judiciary cannot measure up to, leading to the Zanu pf paranoia inducing status quo destabilization and revision, further leading to a liberal democratic transitions, whose implications among other things mean a liberalized economy, rule of law, devolution of power, among others.

Zanu pf, and not Zimbabwe owes the World Bank a whopping one billion, fifty two million dollars of the United States currency. Of this money, not even a cent has been injected in the welfare of the people which the sadistic and arrogantly entitled Zanu pf has long neglected and has been unresponsive towards, as its primary occupations have been parasitism, pilfering, and plundering. So if the money has not been pumped in the welfare of the people where did it go? Did it find itself herded into public goods and services such as public health, and public energy, or utilities such as water, or energy? The answer is a resounding no.

Did the billions perhaps find their way in modernization and mechanization of agriculture, and modernization, re-equipment and retooling of the dilapidated industry run down by Zanu pf populist generating but deindustrialization policies? Basic comprehension of reality and subsequent intimacy with objectivity would say otherwise. Consider this, if the billions had been invested in agriculture, there would not be the prevalence of food insecurity, which the World Food Programme has audited to be requiring sixty five million to combat. This means that the money certainly has not been invested in modernization and mechanization of agriculture, with the goal to secure food security. If, and had the money been poured in modernization, re-equipping and retooling of the dilapidated and run down industry, unemployment would not be so ultra high, nor inflation so astronomically skyrocketing. Why? Because production would ensure that money supply is equivalent to available goods and services, and there would be no trade deficit as more money is introduced into money supply to replace the scarce foreign currency that leaves the country for importing of embarrassing things that could have been made locally such as toilet paper, cooking oil, matches or even chalks for the schools that your children are students.

So, essentially, what does this mean? It means that Zanu pf will continue to owe more debt, and poverty, abject destitution will also increase, in sync with the debts that are saddled on the alienated, marginalized and miserable Zimbabweans. In the month of October, failed Zanu pf reported that external debt has exploded to an astronomical thirteen billion, seven million of United States dollars, yet there is nothing that is indicative that the corrupt Scarfmore and his criminally organized party were ever in possession of the said billions. The evidence is in offshore accounts, and tax havens, no wonder the scream about targeted sanctions!

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